Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Posted in Uncategorized by lera on February 22, 2009

When I first saw the trailer a week ago, I didnt like it.
But then, I kept thinking of it…it intrigued me I guess.
So last night I decided to watch it.
I instantly fell in love with it.
It’s weird in a beautiful way. I love these kind of movies.
And it really made me want to go to Barcelona!
It also left me thinking about love and relationships.
 I was never that fond of Penelope Cruz
but I really liked her in this movie.
Hahah I’m most likely gonna watch it again tonight!

Here’s some memorable quotes from the movie:photo_05_hiresNarrator: Vicky and Cristina decided to spend the summer in Barcelona.  The two best friends had been close since college and shared the same tastes and opinions on most matters, yet when it came to the subject of love, it would be hard to find two more dissimilar viewpoints. Vicky had no tolerance for pain and no lust for combat. She was grounded and realistic. Her requirements in a man were seriousness and stability. She had become engaged to Doug because he was decent and successful and understood the beauty of commitment.
Narrator: Cristina, on the other hand, expected something very different out of love. She had reluctantly accepted suffering as an inevitable component of deep passion, and was resigned to putting her feelings at risk. If you asked her what it was she was gambling her emotions on to win, she would not have been able to say. She knew what she didn’t want, however, and that was exactly what Vicky valued above all else.1402_13008128994Cristina: [Looking at a sculpture of Jesus] Are you very religious?
Juan Antonio: No, no, no, no, I’m not. The trick is to enjoy life, accepting it has no meaning whatsoever.
Cristina: No meaning? You don’t think that authentic love gives life meaning?
Juan Antonio: Yes, but love is so transient. Isn’t it? I was in love with a most incredible woman… and then in the end…
Vicky: Yes?
Juan Antonio: She put a knife into me.photo_07_hires1Juan Antonio: Maria Elena used to say that only unfulfilled love can be romantic.286_13222196059


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