Aw Man…

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minis8Today I took a nap and I had one of those dreams that after you wake up,
it takes you a while to realize that it was a dream.
I seriously sat on my bed for about 10 minutes trying to figure out
whether what happened in my dream was true.
And when it came to me, I was really dissapointed that it never happened in real life.
Damn, how can dreams mess with your mind like that?!

currently love<3

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Idan Raichel’s Project – Mima’amakim and Shuvi el beite

Arash ft. Helena- Arash and Pure Love

haha finally

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carmenvoguesp7today was probably the most productive day I’ve had since March?!
hopefully this working-mood will stay with me until the end of May.
this month will be crazy in terms of math.
I’m in between two options:
1) give up on pre-calc and get a D
2) OR, somehow make-up all of my work before May 29 and that includes spending time after school and talking to the annoying math teacher who I am scared of, haha, no really, I am.

so, I dont know what to do….
I guess I’ll just do as I usually do…
just go with the flowww haha.