Let it Go

Posted in Uncategorized by lera on August 5, 2009

2l8vr7dLately, I’ve noticed that I no longer feel like I should be somewhere else. I actually feel alright where I am right now. Physically and Emotionally. For many years, I’ve lived in the past and didn’t really appreciate a lot of the things that were in my life. But last summer, I read this one amazing book and it changed my whole point of view of life. I started to think more positively about everything. Now, after a year, I can finally say that I don’t miss my past, I like my present. And also, once I realized that technically I have no one and no where to come back to over there, suddenly, the answer was clear to me.

What’s the point of crying so much about the past and being all depressed? I’m going to be happy and greatful for everything. I’m going to laugh and enjoy every second of my life. I’ve finally let go of my past because really, it doesn’t exist anymore, only in my mind and deep down in my heart.

I’m going to put on my my pink shades again and concentrate on everything that is good, happy, and beautiful.


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