Posted in Uncategorized by lera on August 6, 2009

indiansummer7I remember when I was little, my friend and I used to be obsessed with this one spanish soup opera. I loved the girl who played the main role (Natalia Oreiro). Once we were just hanging out and I started this conversation about how cool it is that at that very moment, Natalia Oreiro was also doing something. I was like, “I wonder what Natalia is doing now?!” I don’t know, I just thought it’s magical that there are so many people in the world and that everyone is doing something. Haha, my friend didn’t seem to share my facination. So, she switched the subject. But I never stopped thinking about it…

To this day, I always wonder about how cool it is that everyone, all around the world, this very minute, is doing something. While this side of the world is preparing to go to sleep, the other side is waking up and going on with their days.  A lot of my friends and family are spread all over the world so I always wonder what they are doing and how they are feeling. The world is magical in many different ways to me.


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